Hey Jack Frost go away!!!

Brrrrr it's been cold here!
Well I didn't get a Santa finished this year but I did complete my Arts Dolls Only Challenge for December..and yes you guessed it it's Jack Frost, a  mischievous  little character who brings on winter and would love more than anything for it to remain winter forever!
Another frosty character is a snowman and here is one I received for a Holiday Ball Doll Swap, hosted by Zan Asha from Vagabond Creations. My snowman was cleverly made by Hope Jones from Pixie's Ponderings.He is very cute, OH look he already has a secret admirer!
Snowman with a new nose, do you like it?
This Snowman is the one I made for Hope!
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Pixie said...

oh dear, did my little snowman's nose fall off or is it an issue of camera angle? Love the snowman you sent me and your other dolls are great too!

Twiglet said...

oh yes! lovely little seasonal characters but surely its not that cold in Tasmania!! lol

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful dolls

BlackCrow said...

oh no I think it did fall off...the cat better not have ate it! Wonder where it went?
I'll let you know when we find it.:)

Thea said...

Have a Happy New Year! I look forward to following more of your creative adventures. x

Pixie said...

quick! catch that cat! well, if you don't find it, you could always just make another one or substitue a button in its place.