It's weird but I like it!

Isn't the life of an artist/crafter weird...they start months ahead of the holiday season preparing stock for their shop and consignment orders....I know of some doll makers that make nothing else but Christmas dolls and animals...To me it's like a childhood dream come true...to be surrounded by Halloween, Easter and Christmas dolls and ornaments. I JUST LOVE IT!
You should see my studio and lounge room at the moment...on second thoughts perhaps not...more than once the cat disappeared and I don't know were he was hiding but he was pretty pleased with himself when he emerged!
The cute trio of Xmas characters are my new additions to my etsy shop!
Rudolf has been sold and is on his way to America!

So needless to say it is a busy, busy time for little black crow...maybe I should be making elves...I could do with extra pairs of hands around here!!
Things are also getting very busy at Artisans Creating Outside The Line...don't know what that's about take a look at our blog .

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Twiglet said...

Great little dolls - such characters! I have been making more sock dolls this week. Oo I also made a little heart and embroidered your little angel on it. Will blog it soon - thanks lots. Jo

Doone said...

Grace - why don't you join WOYWW next week and show us your workspace?

there is a button link on lots of blogs and also on both Mine and Twiglets...

I keep looking at my (your?) painting

(AH I should say I keep looking at my Grace Garton Painting)

- whenever Niall is not around
and I can't wait until Christmas when I can give it to him...


Leny said...


Love your Christmas dolls!!!