hot out of the oven!!

My two new creations Hansel and Gretal!  They were made as part of the Arts Dolls Only group Quarterly Challenge, the title was 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'.
I didn't know if they were going to work, I just did a quick sketch and drew them out onto the cloth. Today was the last day of the challenge and time was running out but I didn't want to rush it...I tried to cheat a bit by using clothes I had for my bunnies but it just didn't work so all morning I made a whole new wardrobe for these two! I'm very happy that I did as they turned out just like how I imagined!!
They are cloth dolls, stuffed, coffee stained and rubbed with beeswax. All the buttons on their clothing are vintage. Their faces are hand embroidered and the leggings have been hand painted.The base is Huon pine with model makers grass glued to the top. A few little glass jewels are glued onto the ground to suggest dew or a bit for fairytale magic!


Wipso said...

Love your two new little characters.
A x

Thea said...

You are so talented. They look amazing and their expressions are so appropriate considering what they've been through. x

Twiglet said...

Perfect little characters - you are so clever - I just love visiting here!

Doone said...

fabulous - I must do more 3 d or sculpture work


Whosies said...

how delightful!! i love their look-- and the beeswax is totally fun!

Inn Country said...

I just love them, I would love to create like you. Have a beautiful afternoon Lisa