Suzi Blu can't say Quinacridone Red!

You may have noticed for several months now the FUN I've been having with my mixed media paintings?? And indeed I have been....Some of you may even be wondering where did all this come from and thought that Little Black Crow only made dolls! Well Little Black Crow painted first and the doll making was a fairly resent affair...although I did make a few at art school. My paintings were put on the back burner for a few years due full time work, no studio and no permanent residence.
My doll making was slowing down I had made enough extra dolls to keep the shops happy and I was ready to  paint again! My own style is Naive or Primitive, folk art a style that I just love but I wanted to do something different. It was Jess from Little Dirt Lane who brought Suzi Blu to my attention, she was a student at Suzi Blu's Les Petit Acadamy and was having so much fun learning something new. And seeing what Jess was painting there was something about it that it interested me so I signed up to one of the courses.. 'Angels'!
Not having taken an online course before didn't know how they worked but from my first down loaded video I was drawn into Suzi's wonderful creative world. This woman knows what she is talking about! It was a breath of fresh air to hear her explain the rules of art in such a way that anyone can understand and make it fun. And you can see it in students work how much they are achieving and learning and having a great time. This first course opened up so many new possibilities and techniques like wood burning and using color pencils to draw directly onto the wood.
I'm onto my third course now and having a ball, never thought that mermaids would be swimming through my sketch books and canvases!
But look here they are!
Suzi's class is wonderful for beginners  who want to create art guiding you gently along but also pushing you to reach your potential! For those people that can paint you can never stop learning.
Suzi is very generous with her knowledge on art, methods and mediums more than what I can say from most teachers at art school! Another cool thing about the Academy is meeting hundreds of people from all around the world, blew me away when I first arrived there and the class rooms started to fill up with people from Sweden, Austria, France, Japan, Australia, it was amazing!
One thing though Suzi can't say 'quinacridone' I didn't even know what it was and would you believe I had a pot of it on my shelf! But you know I can't say it properly either!

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Isabel said...

Hopefully one day soo I will be able to take an online class of hers:O) I love your work and look forward to those great sketches turning into great paintings:O)

Diane said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Suzi--she's helped me make art that I never thought that I could do--but she told me I could and she has a very persuasive way about her :)