My Neighborhood, new painting

 My Neighborhood
The sun is shining the birds a chirping in the trees, a little boy walks through his neighborhood  wondering who's behind all these closed doors and windows. 
My Neighborhood is a mixed media painting 10 x 10 painting and you can purchase him at my etsy shop.  

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Carol Roll said...

Wow! This is a great painting! Your such a talented artist!

Kelly Lish said...

LOVE it! So whimsical-it's wonderful!

FairiesNest said...

This is wonderful!

Rosey said...

Hi Grace! I love your paintings! I'm trying to do more myself these days (water colour). Did you recognise the little bunny that was sitting on top of the dessert in that 'winter wedding dessert' post you left a comment on? "Notty" features in a lot of my sketchbook doodles :D