I've been meening to show you all something

A few weeks ago I went to the Hobart Doll Show and it was just amazing. I missed last years and was determined  to not to miss this one.
On entering the exhibition there was hardly a single person who had a display that was not working on a doll or doll clothes. Lots of ladies knitting away on tiny needles or stuffing cloth limbs. I was so excited! I meet some wonderfully crazy people there obsessed by doll making.However most of these people where quite elderly and I heard time and time again people discussing that there where no young people wanting to know about doll craft any more.
I wish I had the time to do a few of the courses that where on offer like miniature porcelain doll painting and tiny tailoring.
So here are some photo's of my favorite displays.

 Love the knitting! You know I have purchased size 1mm needles for doing just this type of knitting!
Oh I just adore these two cupie dolls!
 Aint she sweet!!

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Lombardbears said...

FAbulous stuff!!!

Jenny said...

Just gorgeous!

Diane said...

I hope this NEVER becomes a lost art--these dolls are wonderful!!

Madame Samm said...

Wow@ a wonderland of big girl dolls and bears..love it..
blessings ms

Doone said...

ooh I want to have one of those dolls sitting on my desk - and yes It is important youngsters MAke Things - both my Boys Do...they could knit & crochet & paint and draw - until they were discouraged by the British Educational System!!!then they learnt that maths and english are The Most Important Things _ ohh and Capitalism!

Oh Gosh I am a grumpy old woman...

but now the kids are relatively free of the 'system' they are rekindling their interests in arts and crafts

if you haven't found my blog yet - click on the icon - go to my profile & it's the Doings of Doone, the other two are an initiative I have set up with the Uni Art student group...Luke is particularly in love with animation


julie said...

Hi Grace

I just happened to drop into your blog and found a lovely photo of my bears and dolls! Thank you very much. It was lovely to meet up with you at the show. Perhaps I'll see you next year too.

Hugs for now

Julie (Rag Tag Teddies and Annies)