Big painting update

Stage 2, working on composition

Stage 3, blending, adding, subtracting, thinking

Needs still a lot more work on the left side and still thinking about adding some flying magpies and what to put in the the distant background...all up I'm happy with how it's going.

Oh and I know some of you would be wondering what I'm using to store my pencils in! My lovely Prismacolored pencils...So happy to find a store near by that stocks them!!

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bensonbear said...

Gotta love those prismacolour pencils! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know where you get the Prismacolored pencils as I am currently purchasing them online.

Many thanks,


Narelle Badalassi said...

hehe I have posted about you on my facebook
Narelle x

Twiglet said...

Its fascinating to see how you create your wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for doing this!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Grace,

I love your use of texture in your paintings. Another hit!

Hugs, Euphoria

Ree said...

What a treat to see your pictures come to life! Just beautiful!
Xoxoxxx Ree

Twiglet said...

I've passed on a blog award to you. Please check out my blog to pick it up