New Doll!!!!

Clair and Rebecca..
Thank you for the names Jess and Kelsey!

The Hip Sisters. This months challenge for my Art Dolls Only group was 'Side Show Circus'. I was hoping to do a clay doll but being away from my tools meant I had to change tact. So with little time to spare as the deadline approached I decided to hand sew a little Siamese twin. My partner sent over some calico and thread. Andrew if you read this but sorry one of your pillows was donated to making art....pillow stuffing for her inners. I found some rusty old nails for her lags. I also found and striped some electric cable for her hair....it was copper so I painted it black.
The stand was found too. I covered it with tissue paper, then wood burnt the stripes, glazed it with yellow and white paint. The whole stand was then coated in wax.
I don't have names for her yet...any suggestions!.....well I'm off for a walk!
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Diane said...

Oh my goodnes, she/they are precious!

vivian said...

amazing! I love her/them. Youre still at your brothers place? I think its great that you took his pillow apart for stuffing! How long before you go home?
have a great week!

Susie McMahon said...

Definitely Tasmanian! (Two heads and all) Gorgeous, too.

Kelsey the Ewok said...

Strangley enough, "Rebecca and Mallory" popped into my head as soon as I saw the cute little Hip Sisters.

I think Rebecca would be the sister on the left, and Mallory would be the sister on the right :)

I love their painted faces.


PatC - All is Bright said...

So clever are you! Love the sisters. What a fantastic job you did while still being away from home. Beautiful piece of art!

Kelsey the Ewok said...

"Strangley"? Goodness I can't spell! Strangely*


Jess said...

Oh my Grace - Fabulous art - I LOVE all of the combinations! I would name name...hmmmm....Simone & Claire -


HiiRagi said...

I love a bit of siamese twin action! It's really funny because I'm working on a Sideshow thing for HiiRagi, maybe when it's finished we can have a battle of the freaky toys!!!!!Love from your Arch Nemesis...

DellaRae said...

I love them...they have such sweet faces.

Grace said...

Hello everyone!! thank you for your comments yet again...sorry for not visiting your blogs and leaving comments but I think I've said before that my laptop crashes unpredictably and modem speed is slow. I think it's run by possum poo.
Thank you Jess and Kelsey for the name suggestions! I think I like one from Clair and Rebecca!

blueberries in the fields said...

grace !!!! these are amazing, you are so good at painting those lovely faces !

Whosies said...

love the new names, since rebecca is mine!
thanks for sharing the technique and process of making a few things. it's great to know what others use. copper wire for hair- looks wonderful!

Marina said...

I love your dollies and artwork! Great style.
But where is your Alice???


woolies said...


Jacquie said...

Reminds me of Amanda Palmer's latest musical project - Evelyn Evelyn !
Love it :o)
P.S I adore your work at the Rainy Days exhibition!