Thank you Betty Jo & CurlyPops!!

My blind little bunny's wish to say thank you to Betty Jo for our eyes!!

What a wonderful surprise was waiting for me in the letter box yesterday afternoon. A parcel full of brown and gray buttons sent by the very lovely, talented and amazing BETTY JO!! My little critters and myself really appreciate this so much, thank you, thank you, they are just perfect. I can now finish off my Easter Bunny's! Look how happy they already are...oh you can't see them smiling? Well they will be soon. I have another 50 critters on the go plus a couple more big dolls and still secretly working away at a couple of new designs!

Looky Looky what just arrived another lovely parcel of buttons from the mighty CURLYPOPS!!
My kitties say thank you CurlyPops for our eye's, we love em'!!!

Have a great day every body!


CurlyPops said...

Your beautiful bunnies are very welcome indeed!

Betty Jo said...

I reckon there's more were they came from. Forgotton tins of pants buttons (thats what I call them)could reveal themselves when i tidy up my studio......just give me a nudge if and when you need more.

Jess said...

Yay! I know those bunnies are excited...wow you have a lot of work to do...I need some of your determination...mine is weak this month!