Hey Look NEW things!!

Making things for girls is just to easy1 I've been thinking and thinking what I could make for boys and for the older versions there of. I came up with BUNNY BOY BOOK MARKERS! This is my first 8. I'll be making girlie ones of course. They will be in my ETSY shop soon for a bargain price!!

Tddah!! Here are my first two little/big raggadies waiting for their big day at the market!! They wont be on their own for long..LOOK what the stork brought!!!!

Look at my little babies...oh wait, can you see something odd about two of them...hmmm I wonder what happened there!! Oh well I'm sure they will be as cute as buttons once they dry off and have there little faces painted on!
I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw this!! heee heee heee!!


Rois said...

The last photo reminds me of my Raggedy Ann book I still have from childhood.There is a drawing of all of the dolls hanging on the line. Love it because of the memory and there is something a bit odd about it too.I wonder too what the neighbors thought.
I don't comment often but I love your work.

creativedawn said...

I love them! teeheeheeheehee... bunny ears! soooooo funny

beck said...

Loving those two little dolls. One looks so sad and in need of some tenderness. Your bunny book markers are supercool xo

Marita said...

Everything looks great, the dolly with the red and black dress is lovely. The pirate book mark bunnies are inspired!

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

I love your dolls, your blog is superb. I've put my links.

Whosies said...

that is too funny. In raggedy ann stories her mammy puts her in the washer and roller ringer and then hangs her up to dry. :)


Jess said...

Your dolls are PERFECT - oh how sweet - I don't think they will last for long - as soon as they hit the market they are going to be swept right up!! You are fabulous Grace!!


Abi said...

They are just the cutest Grace!!!