A little peek at our xmas decorations

the beautiful stick tree that my BF made for me. I just love it. NO messy pine needles, though I do miss the smell. Actually the tree was made to display my Xmas ornaments at the market stall. some of the ornament are hanging on the tree.

A few of the snowmen I've bben making. Honestly the weather we are having here in Tasmania I wouldn't be at all surprised if it snowed on Xmas day.
More pics to follow!!


vivian said...

OMG Grace!! those snowmen!! I just Love everything you make! wanna do a snowman swap?
oh.. and the tree is freaken wonderful too!

beck said...

Wow, those snowmen are cool (hah!). Great tree too, like the no pine needle factor. Hope the weather warms up a bit! My brother and family are moving to Tassie in Jan. so I guess they will have to adjust to a colder climate. Still, it's so beautiful there I'm sure they will love it. xo

Thea said...

Love your tree and of course the decorations too. x

Yve said...

Love the tree, but your snowmen are just adorable, I love the variety in them :o)

Ree said...

Oh how lovely! Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing some of your Christmas smiles with us!

Xoxoxxx Ree

BlackCrow said...

Thank you too, for everyone leaving comments.
I've one more snowman to add!!
And still want to decorate more around the house.