Best swaps ever!!

Wow where do I begin. there is SO much to show and tell!
Lets start with this morning. It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to go for a run. Ahhhh,I guess nobody knew that I'm a keen jogger? Well the jogging trail is so close to my house and it is through beautiful bush lands often filled with birds and wallaby's that scatter into the bush as you approach. Anyway just as I was jogging back I spotted the postal van doing the rounds of our street. It wasn't long after I arrived home when I heard a knock on the door. Hmmm I wonder if it is the post man. AND IT WAS!! Boy it what a big parcel, I wonder who its from!
It's from Barbara! Wow already! Mr Snow man came to take a peek too! Could this really be my Elf swap that Vivian organized. Wow it sure looks big!

IT IS!! WOW LOOK at HER, I can't believe it. She is big and beautiful and I love her!
Look at her face, those gorgeous lashes and her beautifully needle sculpted nose!

She has made many new friends and will most definitely be a much cherished doll in my home!
Barbara also included some beautiful fabrics all in pretty pinks and pastels!
I can't show what I sent Barbara yet as I don't think her parcel has arrived just yet!

But I will show you what arrived yesterday for an Xmas ornament swap I entered with my ADO group. We had to either make a naughty or nice one and get either a naughty or nice one in return. Of course I choose to make and receive a naughty ornament.
My swap partner was Susie McMahon, truly a gifted artist and she lives in Tasmanian!
She teaches doll making not only in Australia but also in the USA, Her Izannah Walker dolls are just exquisite as to are her fantasy dolls. so do you think I was a little perturbed by about making her one of my grungy dolls. Well yes a little, but I also thought it was time to push myself and try something a little different for me.
I went through some of my sketches and some of you may have seen this character before, Wicked William, from a series of black and white illustrations.

I sculpted him out of Supersculpy, painted him with acrylic and pastels. I'm really happy with how he turned out and even more so that Susie really liked him!
But what did I recieve??
'Oooo', said the Snowman. 'It must be from the Queen, Look it is stamped, Royal Post'.

We all gathered round to take a look at what was inside. 'It's a girl' sang all three snowmen!

How lucky can one girl be! This beautiful doll was made by the very talented Yve Hoosen.
Such detail and gorgeous fabrics. And yes she is naughty, but that is between me and Yve:)
Again I'm just over whelmed by the generosity of these artists!
But wait that's not all. A little while back My friend Severina and I decided to do a swap between the two of us. She really like one of my little doll cats and I just adore her jewelry!
If I could I would by every item in her shop and drown myself in her jewels! As it is I wear a piece everyday and two of them are my good luck charms that I wear when I'm out on business or funerals. I've bought a beautiful choker, a pair of earrings and an Edgar Allen Poe mourning brooch. AND I STILL WANT MORE!!
Severina made for me a mourning brooch with one my childhood hero's a person I think who has made me what I am today, Vincent Price!!!
What a great year this has been. Well It's not over yet and there are still so more stories to tell!


vivian said...

OH lucky you! so much goodness! and oh no.. you are not the only lucky girl around! I was so surprised today when I found a little package all the way from tasmania in my mail box... from my sweet and wonderful friend... (who could it be?) and then to open it and find one of your dear sweet little bunnies! I was so excieted that when my husband came home I was pulling him into the the kitchen to show him and then I ran and got my elephant and little halloween friend to show him all three together! I was tickled.. (he just wanted dinner!) but he indulged me and said yes.. that I was lucky to have a nice collection of your work! And he is right.. I am!
Thank you soo much for thinking of me.. you really made me so happy! I love little bobby bunny! HUGS! and have a great weekend.

Thea said...

What a great day. If you ever want to do a swap for some hand-printed wares, do let me know. I adore your animal dolls!

Thea said...

Thanks for your reply. I do sell linen on-line and can give you a better price for volume. Speak soon!

Yve said...

Wow, what a lot of loot! You've got some great things there and people have gotten some lovely things form you too, glad the snowmen are going to take care of the StrAngel... although she can be a bit of a handfull! Glad you noticed that the Queen actually delivers all the mail round here, sort of a family business, her Phil, and the corgis are out at all hours with big sacks of post, and I guess they even go as far as New Zealand :o)

barbara burkard said...

...SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! I love pouring a cup of whatever and taking a trip to your lovely blog...and many others..the hours slip away..but the friendships formed are everlasting!!!

Ree said...

Whooooooooohooooooooo you really scored! What a bunch of beautiful smiles!!! Congrats!!!

Xoxoxxx Ree

Whosies said...

i love getting things from the mail and especially when they turn out to be such wonderful things! you are a lucky one. merry early christmas to you! wanna swap? check me out- i would love a new doll just for me :)