Treasured Gingrebread Men

These happy little fellas will be for sale at the Handmade Hobart market at the end of the month.
The design came about from a cookie cutter that has been in the family before I was born.
It belonged to my dad, who worked as pastry chef in Austria.

I've never seen another one like it. So the other day I rang my mum up to ask her weather she knew where my dad had found this cookie cutter. To my surprise she told me my dad had designed it himself and had it made for him by a friend of his who worked with metal and owned a shop in Austria. I was so amazed that I had never know this story and really makes me treasure my fathers cookie cutter even more.
Since my dad died 26 years ago, every Xmas I always make gingerbread men in memory of him.



Amazing the treasures that we treasure from generation to generation are still full of surprises. Like the fact that your father and a friend designed this amazing Gingerbread Man mold.What a happy wonderful memory to create each and every holiday. Hugs, Gail

Skellyton Art said...

Are you on Face book...I would love to see you there....add me as a friend so I can see your dolls there too.

Shirley Kelly :)

BlackCrow said...

Thank you for your comment Gail, I've nearly all his cooking equipment and I use them frequently.
Hi Shirley, sadly no I'm not on facebook.
We'll just have to visit each other in blogland!

beck said...

What a lovely story, it's funny that you never knew that story but so great that you have that extra knowledge now. It makes the cookie cutter even more special. I love your tradition, what a beautiful way to remember your father xo ps I love your blog!

bad penny said...

what a lovely story & I love your gingerbread men !

V for Violet said...

How lovely! It's really nice to have something special like that! and the gingerbread men are very cute! x

rgarton said...

i wonder if you've made Lebkuchen gingerbread men? I tried to make Lebkuchen bikkies once and they turned out like cow pads. And what about ginger-ladies? Do they taste as sweet? I'm sure there's a political movement out there to run with, right next to the one about dear golliwogs.

BlackCrow said...

oh RGarton you made my day!!
Never tried to make lebkuchen but would love to give it a go the same with pfeffernussen.
And now you have my mind reeling over the political correctness of cookies!!
I'm sure ginger-ladies would be sweeter!!

rgarton said...

i would love to find pants like is worn by some of these fellows