Handmade Hobart market weekend

The view of the the hall from the stage

The weekend finally arrived and 2 months of solid stitching and painting all came together for my first market stall in years.
Even though the weather was pretty lousy, heavy rain, wind and cold. I knew that Tasmanian's being a hardy bunch would brave the elements and support their local artists and crafts people! And they did.

Little Black Crow and friends

My stall was set up in the middle.
a very dangerous position in more ways than one. Just before we set up our stall we came dangerously close to being seriously injured. the lady behind us had a very heavy display board not very well fastened to her table and it came crashing down in between my boyfriend and I , glass going everywhere. Uninjured, we cleaned up and carried on as if nothing happened.
And the ice was broken, so to speak between us and the stall holder and we had polite conversation for the whole 2 days. the other dangers where posed by who was selling opposite me, Jo from Bird and the Fish, Narelle from Ruby Victoria, Rosie from Notions and Edwina from Little Snoring! Even my partner Pig found it hard to resist.

Penni, one of our illustrious organisers for the market. also a friend and fellow knitter.

Jo, with her scrumptious yarns, Bird and the Fish

Marita from Moderately Me

Look how well we did with our purchases!
I only wish that Jo had stayed there for one more day so I could have made up my mind to which one of her yummy yarns I needed.

All in all we had a fun time and I learnt a great deal about my work and peoples reactions to them. It was good exposure for my work and for myself after months and months of locking myself away and working hard making my dolls and other wares. I'll certainly be doing more markets in the future. Next time though I will need to take a large sktch book with me as I ended up doodling doll designs in my log book!


Dragonfly said...

Congratulations! Looks like a great market - so nice to be indoors too :-)

ruby victoria printmaking said...

Hi grace
I am so happy to read that you will be back for more market and the mishap didn't sour the experience .
when I got home last night Ruby kept asking a you " where is Gracie " I Told her you were off with your little Christmas elves making more little bunnies !! That seemed to make ruby happy lol
Well done you guy and Pigs tree making skills a fantastic !
Ciao x

-- said...

Nice a market indoors especially after this horrid weekend weather.

What timing..I was just stopping by your blog to leave you a URL (about a different market my friend informed me about) and here is this entry.

Anyways: http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/5707/christmasemailer.jpg

emma kelly said...

Hey Graceee, congratulations on your market stall. looks like you had HEAPS of stuff. (you have been a busy bee) so I hope you sold lots and it was a good weekend.... x em

(when's the next one ??!!)

Jess said...

There was a lot of love on that table - meaning...I loved it all - lol...I just adore those bunnies...one day I will buy one, lol...I'm a starving artist you know - haha. I have an idea for you. I have been taking Suzi Blu classes for mixed media. She has a bunny in one of her designs that needs to be brought to life...he definitely would be your style...I have been thinking about doing it, but animals are not my thing...He is pink...and has deep red stitching...oh I adore him...I could see you putting polka dots in his inner ear area...oh I know you could bring him to life. email me if you want me to send you a picture...littledirtlane@gmail.com


Little Snoring said...

Lovely to meet you on the weekend... love the little piggy brooch and a few of Narelle's letterpress lovelies came home with me as well.

See at the Masonic Market in a couple of weeks time.

Marita said...

Couldn't you have photoshopped me out! Had a great weekend, so happy with all my LBC purchases and meeting up with like minded souls. Thank BF again for the lovely rolls.

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

So lovely to meet you on the weekend, after hearing all about your fab bunnies, I can see why people are talking - they are gorgeous.

beck said...

Looks like a great market! Your stall looks lovely too, your bunnies are so sweet and quirky. Did it run over two days? Wow. Markets are a great way to meet other makers and to network & get new ideas. We have just had our market in Daylesford and it was fantastic too. Very inspiring xo

Susie McMahon said...

That looks like it was a fun weekend. There seem to be quite a few of these handmade markets popping up around the place.......More power to our stitching fingers!!

Whosies said...

what a perfectly crafty selling weekend-except for the near miss- looked like lots of good stuff there!