the smell of Xmas stock

just a little sneaky peek at my knitted and hand painted Xmas ornaments.

I's been a bit quiet her in little black crow's blogland but she has been working her crafters butt off!!.
I've a big Xmas order to fill, plus keep ahead of supplies for a couple of other online shops....AND hopefully getting some other dolls and odd assortments of things for my first craft market! oh and I think I even put my hand up to complete a few art doll challenges...YIKES what was I thinking?! A good thing that insomnia runs in the family...either that or we have vampire DNA in our blood!
But I see I'm not the only one. So many of my fellow crafters are in full swing for Xmas...its so exciting and inspiring to see what everyone's is up too.

Cart Before the Horse
The Holiday Queen
Ruby Victoria
Bird and the Fish


ruby victoria printmaking said...

holy crap your christmas bunnies and gnomie elves are GOOOOORgous!! I have missed your blog posts ,welcome back to blogsville!

Rosie said...

Hi Grace. Welcome back! What markets do you have coming up? I've been thinking about your dolls for months and I think it's time to commit to a pair (one would be lonely).

Jo James said...

Oooh, those painted Santas look so cool! I wanna see more of them :)
You make the most darling bunnies too!