Calling all doll detectives!!

Last night I was treated to a wonderful surprise by a friend. He opened up a roll of bubble wrap and out fell these 6 wonderful antique cloth dolls. The dolls belonged to his wifes mother. However she has no recolection of them from her childhood and was surprised to find them amongst her mothers things after she had passed away. My friends wife's mother lived in the UK. But I'm not sure if that's where they came from. I'd love to find out more about these dolls.If anyone can help with information about these dolls it would be fantastic.

Little red Riding Hood
her clothing has lots of layers from her cape, pinafore, dress and lacy knickers.
Her little straw basket is very well made as are her limbs. Click on the photo for a larger version and take a look at her hand holding the basket.

Little Red's rear

Little Red Riding Hoods, face detail

I just loved the little detail to the socks. I'm thinking that the shoes where painted ontop of the socks with a gloss paint.

the smallest cloth doll in the collection, 4inches

Couldn't quite make out what was used to embellish the fronts of the hand painted shoes and socks. It looked like wire coils.

This doll was about 5inches.

wool hair

Could she be Gretal or a German costume doll?

Beautiful fine sewing on her clothing.

And who is this gentleman?
He looks to be like a hunter or Shakespearean actor.

Very fine needle sculpting on the face. Black velvet cloth was used for the hair.

Just look at how clever these hands where made!

You can just see some wire poking through where the cloth has worn.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

OMG!!!! You hit the JACKPOT! Just got your note over at ADO. I don't know the orgin of these, but I will check around. You must keep these forever! These are just absolutely precious and what a pot of GOLD! Hopefully, the girls over at ADO can help out and I'll check around for you too! Have a great weekend. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing dolls with us.

Pattee said...

Wow these dolls are fabulous!
Where did you find these dolls? An antique shop, garage sale?
I love old dolls~

CurlyPops said...

I can't help with the detective work, but what an amazing treasure. If you do find out anything about them, please give us an update. I'd love to know more.

Yve said...

Wow, aren't you lucky, they're absolutely lovely :o) Sorry, can't help with the identification though sadly

Ayala Art said...

Well, I have no clue either :oP but they look cool! Reminds me of some Peruvian dolls I bought many years ago, and I was told that they were made out of old vintage clothing, they were awesome! This dolls have the same feeling, but different characters.

Rois said...

They look home/hand made to me.I am in love the gentleman doll,so suave and those eyes.Some of the prints on his clothing look 30's -ish.
When I was growing up my Mom was an antique dealer and I learned tons about dolls from her.I'd start by looking at the 30's folk dolls.
An amazing treasure for sure no matter what they end up being.They really do remind me of your work.
Good Luck!

Sarah said...

What a brilliant collection! I love the detail on their faces and in their clothes. I am from the UK but can tell you nothing! I think they look home made too. They would be great for story telling.

Marita said...

I'm no help with the detective work, but the dolls are just so beautiful. What a fantastic gift, also that they are in such wonderful condition, makes you wonder who made these beauties.

Abi said...

Wow! lucky you. They are delightful. Can't help you in any way, shape or form though :O)

bad penny said...

Wow they are so lovely ! They somehow look Italian to me

Whosies said...

They were certainly loved and i think that i will continue. age just gives them more beauty. sometimes not knowing will let you make up your own stories about them. lucky you.