Jenny loves Benny

About a month ago I came across a bear artist JennyLovesBenny....(named after Benny who was Jennys much love dog), her work in undeniably the sweetest and most adorable bears, cats bunnies, elephants and other animals that I have found....well there are others but today i wanted to mention her work as I bought one of her kits. I've never used mohair or cotter pins to make a jointed doll and fell in love with her little chickadee. Jenny works from melbourne so it didn't take long for my parcel to arrive. I picked a rainy day to work on my project. And it was so easy and I love the cotter pins they are so cool and the mohair was very cute but I was shaking in my boots making sure I cut it as instructed trying not to snip the mohair on the other side!
Chickadee now is one of my cute little props that you may see from time to time playing with my own art dolls.
So I'm quite hooked on using these materials now and can't wait to make my own jointed dolls.
JennyLovesBenny also has an etsy shop and her own shop where she sells her own little critters and supplies for making dolls and bears. Her blog also features free tutorials and free patterns!!


Cath from chunkychooky said...

looks great! I have never done a softie like thta ....but a kit might be good.....

Yve said...

That chick is soooo cute :o)