Annie and the white rabbit

Black and white water colour. Annie Oakley .......2008

Annie and the white rabbit...2009

Just can't seem to get Annie Oakley out of my head. This morning I started a little painting like the one I did last year but in acrylics and in colour. While waiting for the paint to dry I sketched up a few more little characters and sorted through some old characters for other paintings.
Believe me I have over the years kept just about every scribble I drew and filed them away to be used someday for animation....as time has gone on I can't see myself ever putting time away and animate especially on my own, its a very time consuming business. but I don't want to just chuck out these characters....ahhh next best thing immortalize them in paint!


vivian said...

Its great that youve kept them all! I wish I had all my old sketch books! I do have all my old diaries.. but those need to be burned before I die someday!!

Abi said...

Your talents are endless!

Tinniegirl said...

Never say never hey? Besides who knows what they might evolve into. They look pretty great as sketches and paintings. I'm with Abi, your talents seem quite endless. I was having a look at your other blogs, great food, lots of creativity. It's fabulous.