And then there were six that hopped, hopped into the shop!

And don't forget Little Black Cow's Etsy Shop is having a big, big Winter SALE.
The sale will last for 7 days only!!
I've also added three new designs "kittens who lost their Mittens"


vivian said...

sweet ! they are all fantastic! my favorite is the first elephant!
have a happy!

angelique said...

you have been busy haven't you!!

creativedawn said...

wow! what fantastic animals to just hop right in!

Abi said...

They are all adorable - I love the polka dot ears - particularly the first one - the colours are so soothing.

Tinniegirl said...

Wow. Your work is amazing. I've been meaning to stop by since you visited my blog weeks ago. Must pop over and have a look at your shop I think.

BlackCrow said...

thank you everyone for leaving such nice comments, great to see some new names here too!:)