Earth girl wip....Lenore

Lenore, earth doll
Over at ADO (art dolls only), a quarterly challenge is organized by certain members. As a new member I decided to jump right in and try my hand at the 4 elements challenge. I choose 'Earth'
So here she is in progress. This is my first attempt at needle sculpting a face. I like the result although the instructions showed a smiling face but as usual my dolls are unhappy... try as I may get them to smile it just doesn't work out!
At the moment she has just been dipped in warm coffee and is drying in the sun.


vivian said...

ahhh... coffee and sunshine! who could ask for anything more!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I know what you mean about how things come out. I have the same problem/style in certain things myself.

Happy frowning.

Hugs, Euphoria