changes, and painting

Like I have nothing better to do than playing on my blog....but I really, really wanted a big new header for the top of my page. I'll see if I still like it tomorrow may change it a bit as the weeks go by. Its autumn you see and I feel a change in the air!
yes I've been painting!!! A bit at the time. I've started blocking in a bit more detail and cleaning up the rough line work. I do tend to paint rather tight but always start off very loose.
Fat Kitty has a lot of colors in her fur so I've slowly been adding oranges and browns. Ned is very gray but has a hit of cream around his eyes and forehead. I've also fixed up their proportions and painted them standing a little closer, (there is now way that this would ever happen in real life!) The back ground will be left fairly simple. The green border will get some sort of patterning.
It's very helpful looking at the photo's on the blog as it puts the painting into another environment and you can start to see whats working and what's not.
Another good technique is to turn the painting upside down or view it in front of a mirror.


angelique said...

Your critters in the header are gorgeous:)I like it very much.

BlackCrow said...

thank you Angelique!
Working on a few of my other blogs, now!

CurlyPops said...

The new header is gorgeous!

vivian said...

love your header! but you know, I adore your creations!
the painting is coming along fantastically! you are very talented!
autumn? I forget your opposite of us.. its the beginning of spring here. things are just greening up and the weather is warming up.. supposed to be high 60's today.
have a great weekend!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Oh, the header is beautiful.

I'm loving this painting so much.

Where's Big Bunny? lol

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I like the new heading. The only thing I might do different is I'd add a crow, but that is just me.

I have a black crow on the mirror of my bedroom. He oversees my frippery.

Maybe I should re-name and re-sex him.

Hugs, Euphoria

inkberryblue said...

I love the portrait of the cats...it's lovely, loose and painterly.
The header looks great too. =]

tilcheff said...

Fantastic painting! Gee, looking at it I wish I could paint too :)

Very nice new header, not too sure about the typography though :D Can you defend why is it wavy, bevelly and composed like that ;) I think the title gets lost and could be handled better.