pumpkin head has arrived!!

What's inside......smells good!!





Wow, this is so fantastic, thank you Vivian....what an inspiration your creations are!!!!

I'm so looking forward to Halloween this year and I think I'll take a leaf out of your book and decorate the house...outside and inside!!!!!
Just love the candy corn decorations, and the lovely skeleton with his orange ruffle...so cute!
And pumpkin head is so wonderfully made...you know I had to look under the garments:)
Thank you again for the wonderful swap!
Everyone should be getting there parcels soon. I'm looking forward to hearing from our other animal swappers!

Oh look, someones already starting to party!! This little kitty certainly has turned some heads!!

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vivian said...

I'm glad you like everything! I love making things that other people will love! I have a lot of friends that like the things I make, but they dont understand the things I make! this is one of the main reasons i love blogging and flickr.. there are so many people who really get us!!
so happy halloween!! cant wait to get your package and emily and tiffanys!
by the way.... that ANTHONY Elephant is to die for!! I may have to scrounge up some money and buy him from you!!