Our lucky THREE


Tamara from Rowen Willow

Viv from Viv out on a whim

Emily from Edge Gallery

EEk, Emily has already started, so we better find out where each other lives.
OK I'm off to contact you!!
Oh and I'm also asking what pet you have or if you don't have a pet name your favourite animal.

Is the before the end of September OK that we have to have our swaps sent by?
Soooo looking forward to see what you guys all make!!

Have fun!!

Sorry Dot definitely next time!!


vivian said...

let the good times roll!

Emily said...

here's my email: emilyatgottshalldotcom...Looking forward to this! :)

vivian said...

Hey GRace!
We are double partners! We are partners in my halloween doll swap as well! such fun! please send me your email address so I can email you!
thanks and hugs!