ANIMAL motif crafty SWAP

TDDDAAAA!!! Roll Up, Roll Up!!! Come one come all.....well the first three anyway!
I've 3 little assorted art dolls to swap with!!
You need to make 3 items for 3 people.
Keep it small...within 7 inches x 4 inches approx.
The theme is animal motif and you can make something practical, wearable or just plain lovable!
Work has to be handmade by you, well made and be original.
Offer will be made to the first 3 who people to post a comment here to let me know theat they are interested.
A deadline will be set once I get 3 participants.
I will list the names of participants and contact you via your blogs or email.
Once I notify you, you will need to send me your addresses.
I will also set up a flickr site for us to post our pix on!!
OK let's get this show on the road!!


Emily said...

I'm interested in trying this out. When do we have to have this finished?

BlackCrow said...

Hi Emily!!
it would be terrific if you joined in!
I will post a due date when I get two more participants!
Thanks for dropping by... I had a quick squiz on your blog...very cute mice and scotties!

vivian said...

Oh this sounds right up my alley.. small! sounds like fun.. if you dont have 3 yet, I would love to join!

Rowan Willow said...

ooo could it be...could it be that I am lucky #3!!!

I wanna play, if I am truely the third.

3 is the magic #

Rowan Willow {artist /alter ego}
aka Tiffany

Dot said...

it looks like you already got 3. Pout.

Emily said...

Cool! (though I feel sad for dot...hmmm, would a quartet be cool, too?). I'm going to start on this...plus, I signed up on Viv's swap too (oy! I'm crazy...lol!)

jenclair said...

This should be fun to watch! Can't wait to see the little creatures.