More wok in progress and ebay buttons

Its starting to be a cold and bleak winter and I've moved some of my studio work into the lounge room to be closer to the wood fire:)
Still recovering from a bad dose of the plague but feeling much better than a week ago I've needed to get back into doll operations.
I can't believe how well these guys have been selling. Maybe when I've made my 20th sale, (18 sales so far) I'll have to celebrate with a gift exchange or some sort of competition?!

What could cheer a girl up more than a big bowl of buttons.....I guess champagne could work too...but I don't have any...How ever I have lots and lots of buttons!!
Ebay has been fantastic for buying buttons and the I won all these buttons for $5.00! Postage as about $9.30 from Queensland. But add it up and its cheaper than buying them in bits and pieces from markets. Some are really old and I love the way the buttons are worn down and still have bits of cotton thread in them.

Big, beautiful green buttons....yum, yum..... need to make some bags and purses or knitted scarflettes!

Blue glass buttons from Checkoslovakia, I have in mind to make gloves and mittons using these on the cuffs.
There are oodles more buttons and I will get around to posting pics of them soon!


CurlyPops said...

I love vintage buttons...it's great to search through the stash and find a gem!

BlackCrow said...

I love the smell of those buttons.
Reminds me of my mum's sewing cabinet when I was a kid!

Marita said...

Lots of lovely buttons to play with. Congrats on the sales, I really like the elephants you've been doing lately. I'm a bit over this cold weather.