Finally my elephants are complete!

Oh Mr Todd I could eat you up I really could Mr Todd!!
What a release to make something a little more creepy! So enjoyable making the 1920's swimming out fits. Wish I had a pair myself!
I'm selling these for quite a bit more as they took quite a while to make ...not that the others didn't! It's so hard trying to figure out a price and I'm realising that even though I checked out other doll makers on ETSY to see how much they charged and the ones I saw earlier on were about the $18 to $20.00 mark. I'm really feeling that they are under pricing themselves.
Even though you may be selling lots you will never make a living out of it.
I'd like to make a living out of my dolls and art work. and having my shop online is just a tester to see how they fair and how well I can keep a track of my book keeping!! So far so good.
I'll be back to work soon which means not much time for my arty crafty self.
There is even talk that at the end of the year I may be travelling to Europe, with my sister! YIKES!
I've never been over seas, and it kind of scares me a bit.
And it will be winter.....just like here in Tasmania now, but colder and maybe even snow!
It would be rather grand to see the Austrian side of my family and venture out into places unknown...maybe a few yarn stores...now that sounds exciting!


CurlyPops said...

They're gorgeous. I love the stripy outfit...very cool!

Marita said...

The european jaunt sounds exciting. Its hard pricing handmade, I remember talking to a crafty stall holder, and she reckoned she worked for about 50 cents an hour! I checked out flickr, love the circus elephant.

theresa said...

Yes, the stripey outfits are so cool! And now that I have one of your creations, you are underpricing yourself!!!!
Glad I got in when I did! Judy is enjoying herself immensely and recouping from her jet lag. I will post a picture next week! Thanks again!

Bird Bath said...

Hi, I just found your site via Marita (+ Victor) and am truly amazed by your creations.
I'm sure the european vacation will inspire you with your art...maybe we will see some elephants in lederhosen one day?

sMacThoughts said...

I just discovered your wonderful etsy shop and delightful creatures there. Love them!!

BlackCrow said...

Hi smacthoughts, thank your for taking a peek at my etsy shop and for your comments here.
I just read that you liked one eyed dogs I very nearly got to own one she was so cut. She looked like Elvira's dog Algonquin from the movie.
But I found out that she suffered from seperation anxiety:(
And thanks curlypops, marita, Theresa and birdbath for leaving your comments and making me blush!!