cartoon designs

cleaned up and painted in adobe Flash

As the days draw nearer to me starting back at work I'm getting my head back into cartoon land.
The last few days I've been trying to track down some of my sketches on Cd's which is a huge task as someone named them rather obscurely!! :(
I know there are colour versions of these filed somewhere...I'll pot them up as I find them!
Serves me right for being creative rather than logical!
Any way I found these guys, very cute lady bugs that I did the concept art for a children's show.
And more often than not all this hard work gets shelved and the projects are no longer discussed and its time to move onto the next project!
You get used to it...but what happens to all these characters you drew! They are still copyrighted to the company but for how long. I know some projects can rear their head again even after 10 years of more.


CurlyPops said...

Wow, your cartoon illustrations are fabulous too !

tilcheff said...

We all have to learn and live with the fact that we sell 'our' characters to people who care very little about them.
Many times I have thought about the sad clown, the painted smile and the empty eyes.
The reality in our industry is quite close to this.

Very nice poses and expressions. It's a lot of fun just watching those 3 scans.

tilcheff said...

Hey, you have updated this post, haven't you? There were no color pictures before. They look awesome!