making bunnies

Its true what they say about getting 2 bunnies together and POW! in no time the population has exploded!
Because I use coffee and tea to stain my dolls bringing in a cup of tea into the studio could end up with a brush or two in it if I'm not careful!
I read somewhere that you can mix vanilla into the coffee to make the smell more appealing, but I'm beginning to like the smell of varnish and coffee...or is that just me?
Crayons smell nice to!


Bill Door said...

Hello G,
Very cool work, i like very much :)
Just wanted to say hi, and that i saw u in the chicken shed, at the showgrounds, the otherday... was going to say hi then, but u looked so engrossed in ur photography, so i didnt.
But its great to see that u doing such awesome stuff!
D. That little boy u worked with.

.girl ferment. said...

what cuties!