the golden goose my April fool entry!!

Here is my finished entry for Dabbled's April Fool Competition.
Being a lover of all things Grimm, I choose a character from one of my childhood favorite Grimm's brothers tale, 'The Golden Goose', a story with so many fools.
As I was researching the story I found the main character had several different names, from Dummling which meant little fool, Dullhead (my favorite) and The Simpleton.The word 'goose' also has connotations meaning fool.

Dullhead and his Golden Goose, 20cm X 22cm

Made from Calico, machine and hand sewn, painted with acrylic paint including gold paint, buttons and embroidery, mulberry paper hat and aged using tea, coffee and bleach. The wooden stand is made of myrtle and has been coated with a gloss varnish.

the golden goose before being attached to Dullhead.

Painted with an under coat of gesso and Matisse acrylic white paint. A coat of gold paint was applied roughly with a thick dry brush.

The button was sewn on loosely and the beak painted a bright orange.

A little mulberry paper pirates hat was made for his head with the word 'Dullhead' cut out from the newspaper and glued on.

A rough little sketch was the start of it all. The character was then traced onto calico cut out and sewn together. The arms and goose are separate and sewn on later.


Tissuepaper said...

Congratulations on the April Fools Contest! I love your golden goose -an amazing piece of art!!!!

jenclair said...

Charming, delightful! I love your dolls - so full of personality.