Salamanca gulls

digital colour photo, desaturated and mixed in photoshop

The ongoing and illusive task of snapping the perfect sea gull photo!

A juvenile Pacific Gull


tilcheff said...

I have something very important to report!
Over the weekend I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Thanks a lot for letting me know about it.

As for the photos and the telephoto lenses... Do you use your camera's full resolution? If you don't, please give it a go. You will see how much more detail you'll get out of 8 megapixels and what better crops you can then have. Get a 1 gig (or even 2 gig) memory card and you will have plenty of room to make 4-500 photos. Memory cards are very cheap nowadays. It's worthwhile checking several different stores. I was surprised to discover that BigW sell SanDisk memory cards at nearly half the price you would get at DickSmith.

There might even be a tele-converter for your Sony. These usually give you 1,6h to 2x which in your case means that you will go to 400mm!

Pacific Gulls are very Albartoss like, aren't they? I still haven't had the chance to take a decent Pacific Gull pic. And the juveniles are even more interesting than the adults. And they are bigger and fatter too!
Nice photos!

BlackCrow said...

Thanks Nickolay for the information.
I will investigate...tele-converter, now that sounds cool!
Wow you have your laptop....now you'll be evenly weighted with your camera on one side and the laptop on the other:)

Betty Jo said...

Hi Black Crow,
For a nice surprise, look at www.linoforest.blogspot.com
Email me your postal address if you want your nice surprise!
betty jo xxx