snogging snails

While watering the plants,yes I always carry my Sony cybershot even while watering the garden, you just never know what you'll find lurking behind the leaves or up in the trees, anyway these two snails were making out behind the passion fruit leaves!
I didn't have the heart to squish them.


tilcheff said...

I don't see many snails in Australia. Maybe 'cause I don't live in a house. By looking carefully at your photo I think they are a bit different from the European 'garden' snails that I know. How big were they?

btw, I noticed that you've changed the bg color of your blog and now the post titles are invisible.

BlackCrow said...

thanks for letting me know about the invisible links...I was in a hurry and forgot to fix it.
The snails are quite big and are the ones that the French use to cook with.
they are over 30 mm in diameter and are known in latin as helix aspersa.
Have you seen snails eggs they are like transparent peas!