central coast magpies

The large black backed magpie.
This area once was a marsh land and now its been turned into a huge housing estates.
I remember most of this area still with forests but now hardly a tree stands let alone a native tree.
Magpies have become quite a problem for the residents as there where claims of attacks and some elderly folks being to scared to walk out there homes for fear of losing an eye.
Lots of birds were "accidentally" poisoned due to a spray used on lawns to kill corbie grubs which the magpies ate and eventually died.
There is still a small population however the one bird I did notice that had increased its numbers were the Indian Miner.
I regret not setting my camera up properly when I took these shots I was so excited to be so close to these two. And the opportunity never arose again although I waited everyday to see if they would come back to these two trees. I noticed the tree was full of large spiders.


tilcheff said...

It's so sad that many people still think about birds and animals as 'useful' or 'pests'.
It is very exciting to unexpectedly come across a bird at your eye level. Same has happened to me several times too.
You've done very well with your camera! Nice photos.

BlackCrow said...

thanks, I've been reading quite a bit about my camera.