central coast Ducks

Female or male mallard, apparently the males undergo a colour change during summer and loose there typical blue and green sheen. and chestnut teal ducks make up the majority of the duck population in the creek near my mum's place.
I remember there being many more ducks 2 years ago and they were friendlier and trusting of people too.
As more and more people move into these housing development areas more and more of the animals suffer .

It was incredible how polluted the creek was, plastic bottles and bags, bicycles and household waste. I was able to avoid the rubbish in the photo's I wonder if I would be so lucky next time I visit?
It was good to see this old fella as he and his partner (she was asleep), has been here for the last 10 years. What breed of duck is this? A Muscovy Duck ! Thanks Nickolay!


tilcheff said...

The red-faced guy is a Muscovy Duck - white morph. Good to know that they've been going OK for many years :)

On the third photo, I think, is a male Chestnut Teal, rather than a Wood Duck.
Mallards can be confusing too. I'm not absolutely sure whether these are females or eclipse males as it seems that this is the time when male Mallards change color too. Can't see the curly tail feathers though...

BlackCrow said...

thank you for your corrections...that's funny about the curly tail feathers are they on the male of the female?

tilcheff said...

The male Mallard has 'two upturned rump feathers' according to the field guide and I'm sure you've seen them on cartoons and photos. They are very typical. That's why your ducks are so confusing as they look to me as eclipse males, but don't have the feathers. Could they be immature?