After almost a year of not being able to grow our own veggies, apart from artichokes and some herbs because of the wallabies, hares, pademelons and our chooks ate or destroyed everything. Even though there is a 4ft high stone wall around the garden area these critters can jump even higher and so easily...hell, we even had a fat little puppy jump over the wall with no trouble, there was no hope this wall would ever have deterred the native and domestic wildlife!
So finally my partner and I had some spare time to build a 8ft fence around the whole garden bed area!
Yay, so now we can start planting for our winter crop! No more tasteless supermarket vegetables laced with chemicals and what ever else they spray and dump into the soil!
I wonder how long it's going to take the chooks to find a way to get in?

 Not Happy Jen!

One of the Australorps Jen was already doing the maths!


Rois said...

We clip one wing on our chooks so they can't fly very high,it really works.
I am sure you can find a how to online.

Abi said...

We used to clip wings too :) I love your garden and veggy patch - very inspiring Grace!!

Grace Garton said...

Thanks for your comments Rois and Abi, I'm all for clipping wings and watched a youtube clip on how to do it..but my partner is reluctant.